Pocket Potions is a free to install, but generates revenue for Breaktime Studios by creating artificial shortages of in-game currency, which the player can relieve by purchasing in-game currency using real money from their iTunes account.

Pocket Potions falls in to the category of "time management" games, where the player must manage the usage and timing of resources in order to grow their economic base. The resources in question are:

  • Cauldrons: Potions can only be brewed in a cauldron
  • Ingredients: Each potion requires a unique collection of ingredients
  • Tables: Once brewed, a potion must be bottled and placed on a table

There are three forms of in-game currency:

  • Gold coins: The "basic" most easily acquired currency
  • Gems: Used to buy rare ingredients or more prestigious items. Gems are difficult to acquire in the game, and the player is encouraged to purchase them via their iTunes account.
  • Hearts: Currency generated from "social interactions" (giving gifts). Used to buy certain items that can not be purchased with gold or gems.


The official site describes the following features:

  • Levitate, charm and transform your customers with dozens of amazing potions effects.
  • Farm magical plants and harvest their ingredients to brew your potions.
  • Raise adorable dragons, unicorns and other mythical animals.
  • Customize your shop to improve your reputation and attract more customers.
  • Meet wizards, adventurers and fairy tale tourists and help them with their problems.
  • Beautiful, colorful visuals and amazing animations.
  • Friend support using Game Center to visit other shops and trade gifts.

Works on the iPod Touch, iPad, and all iPhones.

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